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Gastronomy lariana affected by the shape of its territory, to which can be divided into three key areas:
the foremost is lake, which stars the fish, then the surrounding mountains and valleys, ancient and secret, focused on polenta and finally the Brianza, degrading between hills and plains characterized by robust dishes based on meat.
The kitchen of the Lake
It serves as the “misultitt”, shad dried in special “missolte”, soused fish, first fried and then aromatically “marinated”, crispy bleak fish and other dishes that have become “classics”, such as risotto with fillets perch and smoked trout in oil. But on the banks of the Lake, and in particular in the Tremezzina, they are grown vegetables of the highest quality, such as asparagus in Rogaro and olive trees from which we get a now rare and precious oil.
The kitchen and Montana Valligiana
It is a kitchen “poor” but genuine, made with polenta or taragna cunscia and (thanks to the unmistakable flavor of garlic), of free-range chickens, bred of kids, especially in Upper Lake, and wild berries, you can add the tasty trout streams and also the numerous and delicious mushrooms. In the valleys are reared cattle and dairy traditions are ancient habit. Valsassina excels in this field and Taleggio is its most well-known cheese. Typical Larian region are fatty cheeses such as Bitto, an excellent table for polenta taragna, and those semi-fat, that being a stringy pasta are suitable for polenta cunscia. Last but not least the goats, delicate or spicy, soft cheeses, ricotta, semuda, the zincherlin, local rustic salamis and excellent butter.
The kitchen Brianzola
Here prevail robust specialties like “cazeula” busecca or foiolo, polenta and birds, cotecotti with beans and of course all the products of pork locally as the filzette and cacciatorini. Among the desserts even today you can enjoy the typical “cotizza”, a homemade flat bread, made with flour, milk, sugar and lemon zest, or the “Resta de Comm”, a sort of oblong cake, which contains a well-wishing olive branch.
our own red and white of Lake Como Rosso of Bellagio, Vespetrò of Canzo, Liqueurs essences of herbs of the friars of Piona.

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